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DPanthenol benefits for skin DPanthenol is a nutrient from the B vitamin family that helps manage the negative results that oxidative stress can have on our skin, such as redness, fine lines, skin roughness and more. It is great for all skin types, particularly those with dry, flaky, sensitive skin and functions primarily as a lubricant, emollient and moisturiser


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You may not have heard of D-panthenol before but would be amazed at how much it has already been doing for you. Take a quick scan at the list of ingredients on the bottle of the moisturizer or face cream that you own. Don’t be surprised to see so many of your moisturizing products including panthenol. Also known as pro-vitamin B5, is the alcohol form of vitamin B5. Once applied topically, panthenol is quickly absorbed by the skin and converts to vitamin B5, taking effect as a moisturizing ingredient. Although panthenol is effective as a moisturizer, because it is so versatile, it is mostly used as a humectant that holds and binds not only moisture but other moisturizing ingredients. Panthenol should now become the newest index to see how effective your skincare products actually are in hydrating and protecting your skin.
D-pantothenic also known as vitamin B-5. It occurs organically and can also be produced from both plant and animal sources. It’s used as an additive in various cosmetic products around the globe.

It is great for all skin types, particularly those with dry, flaky, sensitive skin and functions primarily as a lubricant, emollient and moisturiser.

A deficiency in vitamin B5 in the skin can result in serious dermatological disorders, which shows the importance of this ingredient in maintaining healthy skin.

  • it behaves as a humectant
  • it is an effective emollient
  • it is deeply penetrating
  • it offers long-lasting moisturisation
  • it is great if you have irritated skin, as it is very soothing
  • it helps to improve your skin’s barrier function
  • it helps to promote wound healing
  • it is easily absorbed into the nail bed, helping to improve nail hydration and flexibility
  • applied topically to your skin or hair, it undergoes a bio-conversion that converts it to pantothenic acid – a natural ingredient in your hair and skin
  • it is essential for epithelial function and cellular rejuvenation, promoting normal skin keratinisation
Quick Details
CAS No.: 81-13-0
ph 4-6
Grade Standard: Cosmetic Grade
Purity: 98% and 75%

Specification: D-panthenol


100g, 20g, 250g, 500g, 50g

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