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Ginger Oil

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Ginger Oil help to fights inflammation, Alleviates aches and pains, Settles the stomach, Improves skin, and Promotes hair and scalp health, if applied topically it can brighten your skin and prolong the sign of damage and ageing.


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Ginger oil is not commonly used in skin care products because it tends to irritate sensitive skin. However, sometimes used in colognes for men and is thought to be effective at treating cellulite and varicose veins. If you have sensitive skin, use ginger oil with caution, or choose another essential oil that is safe to use on sensitive skin, such as rosemary or cypress. Soothes sore throats and supports respiratory health
  • Warming, pain relieving and especially beneficial for arthritis
  • Good motivator helping one get clarity and move forward
  • Good for memory
  • Good for all digestive issues
  • Soothes nausea and upset tummies
  • Good for poor circulation
  • Good for car sickness and sea sickness
But for fast relief, or to treat a more serious ailment, then ginger root essential oil is the best option. This stuff is natural concentrate that can basically cure or treat everything. Literally, from heart disease to motion sickness to digestive issues.
The essential oil of the ginger root has also been around for centuries. It was widely used as key component in ancient Ayurvedic medicine (the oldest system of medicine known to man) as well as in aromatherapy.
The oil is predominantly made from freshly harvested ginger roots – the fresher the root, the more potent the extract. The roots are then grated into smaller pieces. This helps to release the essential phytonutrients and chemical compounds that make up the base of the essential oil. These smaller pieces are then added to a vat of boiling water. As the water boils, the steam produced extracts the chemicals and phytonutrients (minerals, vitamins etc.) from the organic material and passes into a separate cooling chamber. Chemically Ginger is packed with more than 40 antioxidants that are said to fight the telltale signs of ageing. Not only does ginger help your skin by flushing out toxins, it also encourages blood circulation

Ingredient: Ginger root

Raw Material: Root

Feature: Skin Revitalizer, Black Head Remover, Firming, Nourishing, Acne Treatment, Lightening
Function: Body Care

Ginger oil has multidimensional uses. Keeping aside their usage as spice and as an ingredient of herbal tea, it has other uses like in cosmetics, medicines, oils against wrinkles/ inflammation/ massage oil/ analgesic balm, gum problems etc. It is an important ingredient in many products of Ayurveda.

Specification: Ginger Oil


1000ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 50ml

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