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Sodium Lactate

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Sodium Lactate is suitable for all ages and skin types. It is particularly beneficial to those who have dry skin or dehydrated skin


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Sodium Lactate is a naturally occurring humectant derived from the salt of Lactic Acid. Despite the similar name, Sodium Lactate and Lactic Acid have very different chemical formulas; however, what they do have in common is their excellent humectant properties. Sodium Lactate is a superior humectant moisturizer with over twice the water-holding ability of Glycerin. It replenishes moisture by attracting and retaining water within the skin, preventing it from becoming dehydrated, dry, and flaky. Some studies have shown that using Sodium Lactate can increase the moisture content within the skin by a minimum of 84%.
Sodium Lactate also acts as a buffering agent which works by balancing the formulation’s pH levels to maintain healthy skin. The normal pH for your skin ranges from pH 4 to 6; when this is out of balance and too acidic or alkali, it can cause sensitivities and depletes the skin of its natural protectant barrier.

Benefits of Sodium Lactate for your skin
Hyaluronic Acid still holds its place as the number one ingredient for moisturization, Sodium Lactate follows closely behind. Its ability to attract water and prevent it from evaporating prevents and protects the skin from becoming dehydrated to help your skin look and feel soft, smooth, and radiant with a healthy-looking glow.
• Intensely hydrates dry and dehydrated skin
• Retains water to refine and nourish the complexion.
• Prevents moisture loss
• Brighten the complexion with a healthy, hydrated glow
• Maintains a healthy pH level

Quick Details
CAS No.:867-56-1/72-17-3
Other Names: Sodium lactate
Type: Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, THICKENERS
pH: 6.5-7.7
melting point: 161-162C


Specification: Sodium Lactate


100g, 250g, 500g, 50g

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